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Our Story

Our story began on a remote glacier in Alaska’s Fairweather Range, filming an episode of HBO’s Edge of the Earth. We had a whole lot of gear to charge—cameras, drones, batteries—and the only option to charge them was solar. In a situation where every ounce and cubic inch counts, it was shocking that the solar panels required nearly their own plane load. One had to think, there has to be a better way.

Ever since then, we’ve been testing lighweight solar panels and working through the kinks of solar generation in remote and demanding environments (we did a lot of testing in fun, warm locations as well…just to be safe). We’ve helped power production shoots, kept emergency communication devices topped off and charged countless speakers to keep vibes good when weather was not. And, we’ve learned a lot along the way….and we still are.

While we designed our products for the most demanding environments in the world, we also made sure they kept functionality for everyday use. As people that are notoriously hard on their gear, we didn’t want to have to baby them. We wanted to be able stash them away in a pack, a box under a bed or in a closet and be able to take them out days or months later and have them work, no setup required.

Most importantly, we learned being able to generate power anywhere provides peace of mind. Whether it’s an expedition or a spur of the moment camping trip, we aim to empower by providing power.